1 Stop Snoring Now: Anti Snore Pillow

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Anti Snore Pillow

The Anti Snoring Pillow is a simple and natural cure for snorers.
The Anti Snore Pillow was originally introduced to successfully reduce mild symptoms of acid reflux (when the tube that one use to intake the food from the throat to stomach is not strong enough to hold the acid.).

 Coincidentally, acid reflux sufferers, when using a pillow designed to prevent their symptoms, came to realize that it also stopped their snoring. Following on from this, the pillows were adapted with a focus specifically on the prevention of snoring.

Research has shown that snoring is caused by improper sleeping position. The anti snoring pillow, also known as the orthopedic pillow or the Stop Snore Pillow can help with snoring and sleep apnea by realigning the individual into the proper sleeping position – aligning your head with your vertebral column and thus eliminating breathing obstruction.
Furthermore, these Anti Snoring Pillows can help to relieve other health conditions such as breathing difficulties and problems not associated with snoring, such as lower back pain, whiplash and neck pain, amongst others.

 This is why they are sometimes called Therapeutic Pillows. Originally these pillows were made of foam and fiber. But nowadays there are other, more advanced types available on the market, such as those made of a heat sensitive material that can acquire the shape of the body when lying upon it.

The Anti Snore Pillow comes in different  sizes, shapes and prices also. Most of them encourage their users to sleep on their side, which as well as reducing the likelihood of snoring, gives a better body positioning and reduces the risk of a stiff necks and other body aches derived from a bad sleeping position.

Some anti snore pillows have a center section that is lower than the surrounding sides. This lower center section keeps the chin raised from the chest, pushes the the jaw forward, and puts the head and neck in alignment with the vertebral column.

 These pillows tend to be made out of foam, which holds its shape better than natural or synthetic down and maintains its place on the bed better as well, which means that the proper position is held throughout the entire night or nap.

Another method that some anti snore pillows install to prevent snoring, is an audio sensor which detects snoring and responds with a light vibration, which stops the snorer from continuing.

With the variety of anti snoring pillows on the market, everyone is expected to find the one that fits him the best according to his snoring type and his sleeping habits.